Overtoun House Timeline

Neolithic age – First settlements in the area

Iron age – Celtic communities in the area

142AD – Romans build Antonine Wall starting at Old Kilpatrick

386AD – Romans depart Scotland

1241 – The Earl of Lennox grants Humphrey of Kilpatrick the lands Colquhon

14th Century – Gabriel Lang of Greenock buys the land from the Garshack Estate and builds a cattle farm

1859 – James White buys the Overtoun Estate

1864 – James White moves into the House

1884 – James White dies and is succeeded by his only son, John Campbell

1893 – John Campbell White becomes Lord Overtoun

1895 – Lady Overtoun opens the bridge

1908 – Lord Overtoun dies and is succeeded by his nephew Dr. Douglas White

1939 – Douglas White bequeaths the House to the people of Dumbarton

WWll – The House was a convalescent home for injured soldiers

1948 – The House is converted into a Maternity Hospital

1970 – The Maternity Hospital closed

1977 – Spire Christian Fellowship comes into the House

1984 – YWAM moved into the house

1994 – YWAM move out of the house

2001 – Bob & Melissa Hill sign the lease for the House